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Louis Vuitton In 2018: Rebranding A Titan

Posted on 23 Aug 2018 in Designer, Fashion, Marketing | 0 comments

Louis Vuitton has always been one of the most (if not the most) important fashion brands in the world. In 2017 the French brand decided to rebrand itself into a more modern, extravagant and streetwear-related boutique brand. By adding the creative genius of Virgil Abloh to their team as the new Creative Director, the Maison du Champs-Elysees wanted to separate their streetwear line from their high tailored one, while still maintaining a common topic between them. With that being said, let’s see what we can expect from the French brand in the near future.

Virgil’s Touch

Abloh has always been a fan of Nike and Jordans, in particular, are his favourite ones. With that in mind, many were the ones who pointed at the new LV’s creative director when the brand presented their new sneakers, saying that Virgil allegedly copied from the original Air Jordans when he designed these pieces. In reality, Virgil wanted to create a similar piece that combined Jordan’s signature shape with LV’s quality of materials and minimalistic yet very branded design. The sneakers are not even out and they are the most trending piece on every single streetwear blog, knocking Kanye’s Yeezys out.

Image Credit: Highsnobiety

Will LV Become A Streetwear Brand?

This has probably been the biggest question that every single one is asking. Technically saying, Virgil has no experience in designing high-class, tailored pieces, being a streetwear expert. On top of that, taking Kim Jones’ place within the company is even harder, given the fact that he basically reshaped the entire industry during the past years, with many awards. LV has presented designer beachwear, streetwear and “relaxed” pieces, but also very high-class suits and dresses, which confirmed the already mentioned fact that Louis Vuitton as a brand will keep the quality and the product’s style as high as possible.

Future Collaborations

Louis Vuitton is renowned for few but iconic collaborations: a clear example of this would be their last collaboration with the street/skatewear brand Supreme, that is currently the most wanted collection within the reselling market (fluctuating around $7500 per piece). With Virgil as the new men’s fashion creative director we can easily expect more collaborations with indie designers, that will definitely and potentially peak at Supreme’s level.

To Conclude

While it’s clear that the brand will definitely become a streetwear powerhouse, we can expect them to become even more popular, especially given the incredibly big network of influencers Abloh has, ranging from Kanye West to Justin Timberlake. In fact, Kanye and his wife Kim recently wore LV’s new collection, instantly trending worldwide.

Written and submitted  by Vicky Layton.

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