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Luxury Streetwear And Why It’s Controlling The Fashion Market

Posted on 23 Jul 2018 in clothing, Fashion, Trends | 1 comment

Since 2013, streetwear has become one of the biggest (if not the actual biggest) focuses on every single brand’s line. It all started when Virgil Abloh’s very own OFF-White broke the barrier between what was the previous idea of “streetwear”, by giving every piece a unique design touch, creating a strong brand image behind it. From that point, already famous brands like Supreme, Bape and Anti Social Social Club (to list a few) became the pillars of the market. Let’s see why in more detail.

The OFF-White Effect

When Virgil started his own brand, he was already renowned for being Kanye West’s creative director. With that in mind, it was already clear in many people’s mind that Abloh was the man behind the business. 5 years later, Virgil is Louis Vuitton’s creative director, with a sole $3 Million net worth as of today. OFF-White is now used for many marketing case studies where fashion marketers are saying how impactful the entire “limited” and “personalised” factors were with every single product.

Image Courtesy of Footwear News

A Niche Market That Moved Titans

Since all these small (at that time) brands were focusing on a very niche audience, no one really paid attention to them, until they became the leading trend in terms of design, marketing and general branding. A confirmation of the above statement would be the fact that a very high-class brand like Gucci recently admitted that, in the upcoming years, the company will focus on streetwear more than on high-class, polite clothing, given the fact that the sole Dive line has guaranteed the brand an incredible amount of money (we don’t have specific figures on the matter, though). This is due to the fact that those brands were becoming so relevant within the fashion business that even a colossus like Gucci decided to produce a luxury streetwear line.

Image Courtesy of Pause Mag

Collaborations: The Real Deal

Coming back to the man himself Virgil Abloh, we can easily state the fact that the rise of such luxury streetwear brands truly enhanced the power of small, indie designers: many are the ones, in fact, who are collaborating with brands like Nike, IKEA (in Abloh’s case) and other big ones. This is due to the fact that big companies are seeing the potential in their designs, especially when it comes to sneakers, beachwear, designer trucker caps and general streetwear. Collaborations are, at the minute, the biggest part of the entire streetwear market (an example? Any OFF-White or Supreme collaboration).

Image Courtesy of Hype Beast

To Conclude

Luxury streetwear is the biggest focus within the fashion industry. Everyone is trying to sell the flashiest, most branded piece of clothing. Whether if it’s a small accessory or an entire clothing collection, there’s still plenty of room within the business sector. An exciting opportunity for indie designers!

Written and submitted  by Vicky Layton.

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