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Retail, Dreams and Magazines – Retail Managers Wanted

Posted on 24 Mar 2017 in Fashion, Retail | 1 comment

Our interview series in 2017 is with Store Managers that work and live Retail. As a one time retail manager, I can both sympathise and recognise the opportunity that it offers our brave boutiques and established big brands. I wish to offer up useful insights, potential plans and gain some clarity from those on the […]

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The Kestin Hare Flagship Store, Leith, Edinburgh

Posted on 08 Mar 2017 in Blog, Fashion | 0 comments

Exciting News! Kestin Hare, Scottish Fashion Retailer of the Year 2016, will open a new unique flagship store for his menswear brand the end of March in Leith, Edinburgh. For those that don’t know Leith is a destination location, situated down by the Shore in Edinburgh’s historic docks. The store occupies a Grade A listed […]

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Startup Social Media Tactics, Approach and Strategy in 2017

Posted on 26 Jan 2017 in Marketing | 0 comments

I was approached yesterday by a school pupil, he has the world at his finger tips and yet was keen to email someone locally (ish) that would give him straight forward advice. He has created an online store where he’s selling the stuff he loves, knows is popular with his peers and has the potential […]

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London Fashion Week, Men’s 2017

Posted on 09 Jan 2017 in Fashion | 0 comments

London Fashion Mens Week is off and running; how are you liking it so far? You’re not there so you’re soaking up the official channels: Day 1 Day 2 Or wait, you prefer the Vloggers; getting a first hand insight into their life and personal opinions, People like Robin James: I’m old school and […]

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Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Posted on 03 Jan 2017 in Agency, Blog | 0 comments

Image courtesy of Stand out, be found, create a queue, be talked about, “there’s someone at the door”, “can you answer that, I’m on the phone to…” You’ve identified a unit to start selling from, only to learn that a new business has tried and failed every year since it opened… there are worries […]

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