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Improving Your Online Presence for Employees and Customers

Posted on 23 Oct 2017 in Marketing | 0 comments

Your website is your online contact for potential employees and customers. It is your global face for the world, and it needs to look great. The more effective and beautiful your website design, the better you will be at hiring, managing, and creating loyal customers. Improving your website will ensure that it is ready for […]

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2 Reasons Why Your Email Campaign May be Ineffective

Posted on 27 Sep 2017 in Marketing | 0 comments

Creating and implementing an effective email marketing plan can be a struggle at times. There are many marketing issues the modern marketer may be faced with, however, there are also a lot of solutions. Firstly, to create a successful email campaign, you need to identify the problem areas before you try and fix them. To […]

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How to Improve Your Style on a Budget

Posted on 23 Aug 2017 in Style | 0 comments

Many people want to look and feel stylish, but unfortunately, don’t have the finances to match their dream lifestyle. We are therefore going to show you how to improve your style on a budget. Buy High-Quality Clothing from an Affordable Brand Affordable brands do not always equal affordable clothing; the same way expensive price tags […]

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Ways to Increase Your Brand’s Impact

Posted on 15 Aug 2017 in Marketing | 0 comments

Building a strong brand is imperative to your business’s success. Beyond having a memorable logo, slogan and aesthetically pleasing colour scheme, it increases the value of your company and can make retaining and acquiring customers easier. It represents everything your company stands for, and improves your company’s recognition, marketing potential and financial value while making […]

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Retail Dreams and Magazines Speaks to Rochelle Burgess, Centre Director, St James

Posted on 14 Jul 2017 in Retail | 0 comments

You’ll know in Edinburgh that there is one high luxury retail shopping street, no, not George Street, it’s Multrees Walk. It is your direct path to the new St James development and has always been directly linked. My connection to Multrees Walk goes back 12 years; my agency was brought in to accelerate its appeal […]

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