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3 Reasons A Website Will Benefit Your Business

Posted on 16 Nov 2018 in Marketing | 0 comments

Whether your company currently has a website or not, it needs to be finessed until it is perfect. The reasons for this will be outlined below in three parts, as having a strong online presence is incredibly important for the success of your business ventures. When someone wants to learn more about the goods and […]

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6 Lingerie Trends That You Will Want To Try

Posted on 29 Oct 2018 in Celebrity, clothing, Fashion | 0 comments

Autumn is perfect for experimenting with your wardrobe thanks to the endless layering opportunities, but don’t let that limit you to your clothes. It’s also an ideal time to switch up your underwear style. Everyday lingerie doesn’t have to be boring and plain for it to be acceptable, it can still be comfortable yet sexy […]

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4 Sustainable Brands that are Making a Difference

Posted on 16 Oct 2018 in Fashion, Sustainable | 0 comments

  As some countries make changes to see the environment better protected from unnecessary hazards, so are some businesses. There are a handful of clothing designers taking sustainability further than most and leading the march on changing the way their world operates. There are different ways to be considered an ethical brand, whether the business […]

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How Streetwear Impacted Gymwear And Vice Versa

Posted on 03 Oct 2018 in Celebrity, clothing, Fashion | 0 comments

As discussed by major designers in the fashion business, ranging from Riccardo Tisci to Kim Jones, through the bright newborn star Virgil Abloh, streetwear is a matter that is heavily contaminating every single aspect of the fashion industry, even those brands that were focusing on gym wear and activewear. With that in mind, let’s break […]

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PURE Conscious

Posted on 27 Aug 2018 in clothing, Fashion, Music | 0 comments

PURE London has recognised the global shift towards the super conscious shopper – the organic, the ethical, the short design run, the limited edition, the rare and exclusive artisan products… this year the UK’s biggest trade show launched their new element Pure Conscious. How conscious are you? As mainstream fashion slowly catches up to the […]

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