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Social Tailor helps create more engaged organisations that consistently outperform their competitors, by designing a better and more meaningful culture. Our work is based on proven management science – Concorde™. We use the data and insights to develop tools that create sustainable change at scale. In partnership with CTA Global we help shift the mindset of your people to find joy, meaning and connection in what they do. We give leaders the tools to build amazing organisations by aligning employees, customers and the external world. We deliver a real, human, emotional, immersive connection to work.

Ultimately we are the marketing engine that proliferates dynamic change to transform your business. Specialising in textiles yet working across all fields that we are a cultural fit for. If you like the way we work, you’ll love the results we achieve. We work in collaboration and as a partnership, not an organisation to outsource work to.


Founded in 2010 by the visionary connector Colin Gilchrist, Social Tailor is a marketing engine that specialises in delivering content that provides outstanding results.

Working with brands as partners we provide well researched and persona specific content, whether written, podcast, film and or photography.

We hold a database of voice-over artists, copy writers, film makers and photographers and we are well placed to support business development, brand awareness and increase your market share.

Be prepared to take a different approach in order to stand out.

Be Prepared For Change


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