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We Build Businesses.
We Build Brand Stories.
We Focus on Fashion and Marketing – not always simultaneously.

Social Tailor is the only broadcasting organisation which creates authentic, memorable, stories for people like you to sell your stuff quicker and better in an era of growing noise and confusion.

Social Tailor is an online publication. We use award winning content, inbound marketing and creative concepts. You will achieve amazing results.

Social Tailor April 2017 – Fashion from Social Tailor on Vimeo.

Yes, we want to increase your sales and build brand awareness. We also recognise that huge brands such as Apple (4 million) and Red Bull (6 million) subscribers on Youtube are no competition for people like Zoella (12 million) or PewDiePie (48 million) who make the majority of their content in their bedroom at home… tough competition.

Founded in 2010 by the visionary connector Colin Gilchrist. Social Tailor is a marketing and fashion online publication that specialises in delivering content and providing insights that bring you outstanding results.

Working with brands as partners we provide well researched and persona specific content, whether written, podcast, film and or photography.

We hold a database of voice-over artists, copy writers, film makers and photographers and are well placed to support business development, brand awareness and increase your market share.

Be prepared to take a different approach in order to stand out.

Stop by and say HELLO to find out how our campaigns work. Find out how we manage media teams and create content for specific and identified campaign results.

Our Blog gives an idea of what’s going on in our heads and in the industry.

Colin’s personal musings blog: Colin Gilchrist

Question, Innovate, Create, Disrupt


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The way we work:
We employ contracted freelancers and indirectly employ team members based in client premises / locations.

We are always on the look out for:
Film Production
Google Analytics
Project Managers
Community Managers
Media Managers

If you are good enough we’ll find something for you, no really – if you’re properly brilliant, a hustler, working as if your very life depends on it and not for the mighty ¬£buck (although we know that’s important) for the love of it. This is a sharing experience. To work with us it’s all about you and the team, the personalities need to gel. You will be competitive, not with your neighbour, with yourself.

Locations we work in:

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