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Social Tailor delivers creative, customer engagement, making your brand matter.

We deliver a real, human, emotional, immersive connection to your business. We do this by starting with the customer, by understanding, and empathising with them, by anticipating their needs, their desires and their behaviour. We look beyond the one-off transaction, to maximise the full value of every customer during their lifetime with a brand. We also unlock customer potential to become powerful brand advocates.

Our creative process is similar to conducting an orchestra, which includes writers, designers, technologists, to create a campaign, a product, a film, a conversation, a song, a singular tweet or an entirely new sales process.

Ultimately we are the marketing engine that proliferates dynamic change to transform your business. Specialising in textiles yet working across a number of fields. If you like the way we work, you’ll love the results we achieve. We work in collaboration and as a partnership.


Social Tailor provides:

Strategy and Planning: When it comes to strategy, we roll up our sleeves and get down to the heart-of-the-matter questions. We always start at the end – what do you want to achieve, creating recognition events and identifiable tipping points that win customers, generate revenue and drive determined ROI.

Customer Engagement: We start by understanding your customer, empathising with them, by anticipating their needs, their desires and their behaviour.  We create contextual communications and digital experiences with creative and commercial impact.

Brand: We take an entire view of the brand and the business, and balance the emotional and the rational to create a compelling business proposition that will appeal to all decision-makers at every level. We can help you manage your brand at every stage, so you can achieve the emotional connection you need to drive real customer engagement and visible business results.

Campaign Management and Marketing Automation: We design stand-out communications that engage your audience: being disruptive, emotional and rational, at every touch point. We use measurement to increase reach, engagement and conversion. We’re fully versed in how marketing automation can help you integrate inbound and outbound marketing channels, so you’ll get improved marketing intelligence and greater insights into the results.

Founded in 2010 by the visionary connector Colin Gilchrist, Social Tailor is your marketing engine that specialises in delivering content that provides outstanding results.

We hold a database of voice-over artists, copy writers, film makers and photographers and are well placed to support your business development and increase your market share.

Be prepared to take a different approach in order to stand out.

Be Prepared For Change


At Social Tailor we deliver the Masterclass of Online Media Training in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.

We deliver workshops and training sessions bespoke to your organisation.

– Learning to achieve specific results in marketing, advertising and business development online
– Creating an online media content plan with a clarified marketing strategy
– Highlight shortcuts and tips to improve your online knowledge and efficiency
– Sharing with you the best techniques on media platforms that include: Blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Podcasting, Youtube and more
– Create an online resilience plan, understanding how to manage a crisis or incident on social platforms – using a comprehensive ‘prepare, avoid, deliver’ approach.

You will leave with a comprehensive set of outcomes we have planned for. The sessions have practical elements that will allow you to consider the business you work in and the steps you need to take in order to succeed.

Booking: To book a course, or make an enquiry: Email Training

Feedback for training sessions:
Social Tailor – great presentation style, laid back & informative. Liked anecdotal examples to illustrate principles. Made sense on blogging (you control) and fact that if you want to tweet and Facebook you have to be prepared to invest regular time which many do not realise – its like getting a pet – needs ongoing attention!

I thought Colin Gilchrist spoke with authority and in a very focused and practical way. I will use his suggestion to survey customers and ask them for information that will then become the content for future blog posts.  I was also impressed that in the Q&A he gave advice to the e-book entrepreneur to write for the big site that wanted her rather than to be a big fish in her own small site – and to simply reference the articles in her own site.


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