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6 Lingerie Trends That You Will Want To Try

Posted on 29 Oct 2018 in Celebrity, clothing, Fashion | 0 comments

Autumn is perfect for experimenting with your wardrobe thanks to the endless layering opportunities, but don’t let that limit you to your clothes. It’s also an ideal time to switch up your underwear style.

Everyday lingerie doesn’t have to be boring and plain for it to be acceptable, it can still be comfortable yet sexy for practical wear under your outfit. This season it’s all about lace, velvet, and underwear as daywear.

So, here are 6 key trends that you will want to try:

1. Peekaboo Bottoms

As the name suggests, these briefs give a little cheeky surprise whenever you put them on. They’re more suited to the boudoir than everyday wear, so why not surprise your partner with something different next date night? Lace pieces work well for an ultra-luxe feel.

2. Lingerie As Daywear

One of the most popular trends of this year has been wearing underwear on the outside. Team a lace bodysuit with your favourite pair of skinny jeans for an Instagram-worthy look in seconds. This works well if you’re going for an evening out with the girls and want to try something different other than your average dress.

3. Bodysuits Bodysuits

They are a must-have in any woman’s autumn wardrobe. With just one piece, you can achieve so many gorgeous looks. Lace bodysuits always seem to come out on top, but that’s not to say there isn’t some fierce competition from luxurious silk and velvet pieces.

4. Velvet

Velvet has long been a material perfectly suited to designer lingerie, as it encourages the desire to touch. It’s also great for autumn, as we see this fabric come into its own each year. Used for detailing on bodysuits as well as for the base of a bra, velvet is perfectly on trend this season.

5. Strappy-Back Bra

Someone decided to take the average everyday bra and add a whole new element to it. The strappy-back bra offers a fun twist, with various designs available. Perfect for wearing underneath off-the-shoulder tops where you can see the straps, adding another component to the outfit.

6. High-Waisted Briefs

High-waisted briefs don’t have to be attributed to those infamous Bridget Jones style underwear. They can be a sexy addition to your everyday outfit. They’re a major trend of this season, offering full coverage with retro designs. Team with a balconette bra for the perfect sultry look.

Which Trends Will You Try?

It’s safe to say that lingerie has trends just like other clothing, and they’re bigger than ever this season. So, ditch your everyday staples and try something a little different this autumn. If you’ve never worn underwear as daywear, then brave it with a classic lace bodysuit and jeans combo. Alternatively, if you’re looking to add a playful touch underneath your outfit, opt for some peekaboo bottoms. Whatever trend you choose to take on this season, remember that lingerie should be treated like any other fashion item.

After all, we do wear it every day.


Written and submitted by Amelia Morgan

A fashion writer with a keen interest in the future of design and how current practices will impact the industry moving forward. Amelia also writes about technology and health.