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How Resellers Are Moving The E-Commerce Fashion Business

Posted on 30 Jul 2018 in Fashion, Marketing, Trends | 0 comments

Image credit: High Snobiety

E-commerce has changed a lot since it started with platforms like eBay, years ago. The fashion business, in particular, is something that will keep on moving the entire e-commerce machine, also given the fact that it’s now normal practice to order pieces of clothing from portals like Asos. A peculiar type of e-commerce business within the fashion industry has lately surfaced: high-level designer streetwear reselling. Let’s break down what lies behind this youngsters-driven business model in order to better understand how this reshaped the e-commerce market.


Supply And Demand: You Want It, I Have It

Market exploitation is the starting point in order to achieve success, especially when it comes to this kind of reselling businesses. A clear example will, of course, be related to Yeezys 350: when Adidas launched the portal, many were the ones who bought an entire stock in order to then resell those for a higher price (generally with a 15% increase, which is indeed the reason why they were so expensive at day one). This first approach, way back in 2015, was the breaking point for young entrepreneurs who wanted to make some extra money by doing so, with a relatively small initial investment. A name that stands above others, especially within the sneakers’ world is Benjamin Kickz, (image above) who is now the most requested sneakers reseller in LA, with clients ranging from Travis Scott to Lil Pump.

Image Credit: Supreme New York

Limited Edition Pieces, Anytime!

If there’s a thing that truly attracts streetwear resellers is indeed related to collaborations between big brands. Last year, for example, the infamous Louis Vuitton x Supreme hoodie (which is currently fluctuating between £7000 and £7500) was the most requested piece of clothing on the market. Resellers who were able to buy some of these at day one are now surely making a lot of money, given the fact that the original price was around $450.

Understanding which one of these collaborations will have a serious price increase is indeed the winning factor for the successful reseller, who will (potentially) rely on such pieces for a long, long time.

Screenshot from Watch Finder

Accessories, Not Just Watches

If there’s a reselling business that doesn’t age at all is the watches one: many are the ones who created an e-commerce portal in which they are selling Rolexes, Omega and many other limited edition pieces. This is done due to the fact that the quality of the materials, in combination with the exclusivity of the piece is the reason why such pieces are usually sold out in a matter of minutes. The same principle applies to general accessories, especially the ones coming from big brands like Gucci and Armani, which are indeed the two most listed brands when it comes to this matter, onto resellers websites.


To Conclude

Resellers are the reason why the supply and demand of high-level designer clothing pieces are ruling the market, especially when it comes to mens streetwear clothing. If a guy like Benjamin Kickz was able to create a six figures business by simply reselling rare sneakers, everyone can!


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