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Fight back, be a Disruptor, cause a Stink!

Posted on 16 Dec 2016 in Beauty | 0 comments

I am not ashamed to say I love REEK PERFUME (link below) and you know what, I have no idea what it smells like.

The image above is distracting isn’t it.

As well as it being:
and kind of lovely, if niggling and annoying.

REEK are selling “DAMN REBEL BITCHES” Artisan Eau De Parfum which is vegan and cruelty free with an approach to memorialising the formidable women of the Jacobite uprisings. The contents of the scent: hints of blood orange, hazelnut, pink peppercorn, clary sage and malt all packed in a cotton bag in a reusable wooden box. I find the Jacobite and historical reference is where this story gains real strength.

Their first campaign is designed to cut through the usual approach to the multi-million pound perfume industry, of high gloss advertising, ridiculous bottles and packaging that you need a kitchen knife to open.

Here we find REEK celebrating the rebel in you, with a story that embraces historical female achievement. REEK was founded to memorialise women from history. They discovered that only 15% of the statues in the UK are raised to women and of those, most are to either royalty or fictional female characters. This outraged them and they decided to memorialise women in a way that made sense to other women using a product that could be used everyday. Scent. They like the idea of an everyday rebellion, scent as a secret sign.

History is peppered with female achievement. In Scotland, where REEK are based there are almost a millennia of heroines from Black Agnes who defended Dunbar Castle against siege in the middle ages to Scotland’s Jacobite women who were key to Bonnie Prince Charlie’s campaign in 1745 and some of the UK’s earliest female medical pioneers. Edinburgh being for centuries one of the most advanced medical universities in Europe. They are determined these women will not be forgotten…

So yes, they are getting into the millennial psyche with the artisan, natural, disruptive approach – but damn right, this industry needs the anarchists, the punks, the game-changers to stir it up. For too long the industry has been throttled by the big brands, it’s time the middle market were introduced to an approach with the subversives in mind. An approach that even the girlfriends of the winkle picker, beardies with their flat caps and drain pipes will clasp their hands across their mouths in an overly dramatic fashion at the very thought of being associated with it.

If you are the one that skipped school to go and see a band,
The one that persuaded the tattoo artist you were definitely old enough,
If you went for the job interview, got it and turned it down because it just looked wrong,
The one that said, hell no, when everyone else said, okay then,
If you are the one that refuses to conform to the social norm,
The one that just had to have a pizza crunch after one glass of wine, you’d been nibbling on a wholefood selection pack all day,
If you are the grandmother skipping down the high street holding the hand of your oldest school friend without a care in the world,

Then I suspect this perfume is for you.


PS. Lang may yer lumb reek