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The Business of Blogging

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On Wednesday 18th May 2016 at the Apple Store in Edinburgh, Social Tailor was invited to put together an event for bloggers and businesses interested in learning more about the benefits of blogging. A compact format after the store had closed for the evening. Jadine Arnold our Event Coordinator, Andy and Suzie from Apple and I came up with the format; three speakers talking about:

1. A blog that became a business (Social Tailor)
2. The approach and techniques for driving traffic to a blog (Andrew Burnett)
3. The importance of the written word and how to write an engaging article (Sara Sheridan)

With the Store managing attendees, we were limited to 60 places (every seat was booked within 48 hours) a record for the Edinburgh store.

The event provided the brilliant opportunity for the Apple team to demonstrate and introduce the new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil; this combination is the bloggers new best friend.

The event kicked off with an intro from the Edinburgh Apple Store Business Manager: Suzie who introduced me; my story:
“Studied and worked in the Fashion industry, left Burberry and joined a creative agency who specialised in marketing online; ended up running it. Developed websites, made mySpace pages (with EMI / Universal Records) for bands that included The Proclaimers, developed an award winning social network that alleviated traffic congestion; created a business development tool for Twitter users and much more.

Running the agency gave me the opportunity to invest in a number of start up businesses; at the same time I started blogging as the Social Tailor, the blog was entirely focused on fashion and the fashion industry; it transformed into a full marketing and management agency.”

Apple Store - Blogging for Business-Edinburgh

I passed on to Andrew, who’s talk went something like:
“Since around 8 years Andrew’s “about page” stated:
I create a buzz.
A real buzz.
An almighty buzz.
The buzz of Colonel Aldrin.
In a statically charged nylon shell-suit.
Fleeing from a thousand angry wasps.
On his Vespa.

While the above is obviously true, attention spans are shorter, so Andrew now takes a more focused and less verbose approach: he makes his clients stick out.

As the title of his (yet to be) award-winning talk: “Content is, Largely, Bollocks” proclaims, he is highly skeptical of the deluge of content that is created under the banner of “marketing” in the current epoch.

With that said, he has been marketing with content for over 18 years and is damn good at it.”

andrew burnett

Andrew, then handed over to Sara:
Sara Sheridan writes the popular Mirabelle Bevan Murder Mysteries set in 1950s as well as historical novels set in 1820-1845. Fascinated particularly by female history she is a cultural commentator who appears regularly on television and radio. In 2014 she was named one of the Saltire Society’s 365 Most Influential Scottish Women, past and present.

Recently Sara is in ‘startup’ mode with Urban Reivers, a wonderful business concept that promotes and sells the diversity of Scottish product: alcohol (cocktail kits), perfume and travel / exploration which has developed into a range of Scottish maps printed on silk scarves. by BethanyGrace

Sara’s used to writing 10,000 words a day, the idea of creating a blog post of between 500 and 1000 words was an initial challenge, however having been picked up by the Guardian, the Times, Huffington post… it’s turning into a great way of receiving immediate feedback. Providing inspiring insights into the art of writing and how as an author writing a story is the key to tapping into our emotions.

The whole evening was really inspiring and I feel very humbled to have had the opportunity to be part of the event. To see more conversations about the event visit the attendees on Twitter and search for #businessofblogging
Sara Sheridan @sarasheridan
Andrew Burnett @andrewburnett
Colin Gilchrist @colingilchrist

A big thank you to Edinburgh’s Apple Store for hosting.