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Don’t Buy, Just Borrow?

Posted on 04 Mar 2016 in Fashion, Sustainable | 0 comments

Have you ever come to the realisation that everything on this earth, created and consumed, returns to this earth?

Why do we insist on buying stuff when we will never truly own it?

Shouldn’t we just borrow it, or lease it, or at the very least buy into a programme of lifetime use?

Okay, maybe buying a house makes more financial sense. However, stop and consider that if we follow the model of our mobile phone (your contract is monthly?), how about we apply that business model to food, to clothes, to travel…?

We replace our handsets every two years for an upgraded model, I’m guessing the business you work for has a lease agreement for the computers you work from? So what about clothing? I don’t mean the catalogue model where you end up paying £250 for a pair of Levi’s that cost £85 because all you can afford is £5 a month for 50 months…

I mean the ones that offer a lifetime guarantee for their jeans like:
or the collection with a 30 year guarantee:
30 year collection
or the ones that offer a Lease agreement so that they get the denim back to make knitwear, like:
mud jeans lease jeans

These models have saving the planet at their heart, yet want to keep you looking smart – that’s got to be good right?

Image at the top is Edinburgh’s tool library – it kind of speaks for itself.