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Iceland’s ‘Open Source’ Constitution

Posted on 03 Nov 2015 in Blog, Crisis | 0 comments

You will have heard about Iceland putting bankers in jail for bringing the country to its knees. I found out last night that the country voted for a new Constitution so that the crisis they faced would never happen again.


Blueberry Soup Film was screened at the Grassmarket Community Project which included a Q&A with the Director Eileen Jerrett.

The documentary starts with interviews of random individuals, a lawyer, a musician, a University Professor, the CEO of a gaming company only for you to later discover these are some of the individuals who put themselves forward and were (voted for) chosen to rewrite the Constitution.

In a tight time frame and with strict parameters they debated and publicly posted thoughts and possible outcomes using a website that allowed comments and mostly Facebook to ensure that media owners could not alter or rewrite the debate.

Eileen Jerrett has created an extraordinary documentary about the process of constitutional change in Iceland following the financial crisis. A touching account of interviews about the reinvention of societal change.

Deeply frustrating to witness that the country having voted for the process, their parliament has buried the outcome. Eileen is taking the documentary on a tour of the Western world to highlight the enormous achievement of the Iceland Open Source Constitution and also asking you and I to engage with and support its implementation. Or at least get it back on the table for discussion.

Check out the Production Company website to find out more Wilma’s Wishes

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