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Orange Haired Betty, It’s Sheri Scott!

Posted on 09 Sep 2015 in Beauty, Blog | 0 comments


If you’ve ever been to a fashion event in Scotland, you either hear the cackle or see the hair… that’ll be one half of Betty and Bee! I put some questions to the orange haired one:

“Tell me about you, who you are, what you do and what you love most about life?”
I am Sheri, the orange hair behind Scottish Fashion Blog Forever Yours Betty, and co-director of creative consultancy Betty and Bee. After blogging for a few years I met my business partner Bee through our love for shopping local. A lot of wine later, we realised there was a gap in the market for an affordable platform for independent design, as well as a front facing consultancy that can work with larger brands regionally. Almost two years later we are still living the dream with award-winning clients and even up for our very first award in a few weeks! What I love about life is that it truly is an adventure, you never know where one path will take you. It’s the not knowing that makes it fun!

“What is it you love most about your business today?”
I love that every day is different. We work with such incredible clients across the board of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle so it’s about spinning all the plates which I’m getting pretty good at doing! My favourite thing is when I see smaller clients grow. From seeing someone wear their designs walking down the high street, trend on twitter or mentioned in the magazine, I’m lucky that I get a lot of kicks from what I do!

“If you ran a ¬£billion business from Scotland how would you like to change the world you live in?”
It really guts me that Glasgow has lost a lot of it’s independent High Street. With the exception of vintage shops and only recently, Abandon Ship Apparel, we are fast becoming a chain capital of the UK and I find that upsetting. I’d love to buy some of the empty shop units and give the spaces to independent designers, or even up-cycling shops where people can get the most from their once loved items. If people shopped a little more local and sustainable the industry would be a much healthier place. Half our wardrobes end up in landfill and it really isn’t necessary.

“Pick a theme song for your life:” I live life to the beat of my own drum!

(Sheri, I needed some tunes!)

“Boys are not known for buying beauty products; do you have a recommendation for them?”
Yes, they should get themselves to Lush ASAP to find their skincare regime. I used to wonder what the fuss was all about, and never could quite understand the hype around Lush, but soon after trying their products I was addicted. The staff can be quite intimidating (or maybe even irritating ) but don’t let the ‘in-your-face’ sales put you off. Their products are organic and cruelty free but also give all the results stated on their little recyclable tubs. For guys I’ve heard Angels on Bare Skin scrub, Cosmetic Lad moisturiser and Kalamazoo beard wash are the three must haves for most men.

cosmetic lad angels on bare skin kalamazoo LUSH

I’ll be speaking to the other half of Betty and Bee in our next series in the New Year; stay tuned.

Interview by Colin Gilchrist, Social Tailor from the series Boys, Beauty and Billionaires