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Alan from Ten 30

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Tell us about you, who you are, what you do and what you love most about life?

My name is Alan Moore. At the moment I’m involved in a few things, but my main business is running a contemporary Scottish luxury menswear label, called ten30. We’re based in Glasgow and design and retail sartorial apparel and accessories for men, with a focus on great quality materials and local manufacturing.

I am a graduate and now part time tutor at Glasgow School of Art. I am also a part time student at the Royal School of Needlework and Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust scholar. I have recently started a joint venture with my girlfriend in the baby gift market, combining my love for Scottish textiles and design, her background in luxury sales and her passion for all things newborn. What I love about life is something that I am learning very slowly. I recently read a couple of books that really made me think about the work / life balance and made me question what’s important in life. At the moment I’m happy with the balance that I have, it’s a really exciting time for me in my career and I’m feeling pretty grounded (I think it’s because I’m getting older).

What is it you love most about your business today?

What I love about my business is the variation. I’m working on a lot of projects at the moment, each one very different from the other and always involving new people and leading to exciting stories. I currently have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge within my realm, I am constantly reading about menswear, tailoring, textiles and business and with that I am constantly improving and growing, both as a designer and business person. I love that I am my own boss and I’m solely responsible and accountable for my actions and the decisions that I make. I am enjoying the freedom of following my own path. There are a few things that I’ve done in business that maybe haven’t been entirely relevant at the time, but I’ve done them because I wanted to and had fun doing so. I like the fact that I can pick and choose projects based on their excitement and enjoyment levels, not solely focusing on the bottom line. My connection to the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust has introduced me to an entirely different circle of people, one that has endless potential and is really exciting to be around.

If you ran a £billion business from Scotland how would you like to change the world you live in?

I’m not a huge campaigner or activist on world issues and wouldn’t really know where to start, but when I run a ¬£Billion business, I would like to think I would invest in my sector. There are some real holes in Scottish garment manufacturing and I think that’s where I would invest. I find there is a real beauty in making something and seeing a drawing come to life, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels like that, I’d like to introduce that feeling to other people, offer more training programmes and apprenticeships, with specific aims at improving skills and knowledge in garment making.

Pick a theme song for your life:

This is a tough one, lots of cliches! not really a soundtrack to my life but one that has constantly reappeared in different times, and is now one of my all time favourites. It’s also one of the first songs that fuelled my obsession for disco!

Boys are not known for buying beauty products; do you have a recommendation?

I have to admit that I don’t have a gruelling beauty regime and I’m not particularly into fitness. As I’m getting older I’m finding the cracks are beginning to show so I’ve started running occasionally, playing football more often and trying to get back into bouldering, which I really enjoy. I eat well, drink plenty of water and walk everywhere. I moisturise daily with a Nivea moisturiser that I’ve used for years and try to take care of my teeth as much as possible. Since forever I’ve always thought it important that a man smells good, so never leave the house without wearing antiperspirant and aftershave. Currently I’m wearing Aqua Di Parma, Tom Ford Extreme and Tom Ford Sahara Noir.

nivea and bouldering
Interview by Colin Gilchrist, Social Tailor from the series Boys, Beauty and Billionaires