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eCommerce Running with Retail

Posted on 31 Jan 2015 in eCommerce, Retail | 0 comments


The challenge for so many High Street retailers entering the world of eCommerce is stock management.

Do you pick stock from the shop floor?
Do you buy for online as a retail outlet?

Aside from the investment you’re faced with many dilemmas. The minute you put your stock online you’re competing with the world on price-point. Competition to stand out comes from: location for delivery, to customer feedback, to incentives, wrapping and personality – they all have an impact on whether we buy from you or someone else.

How do you create personality online, to make people want to shop with you? Your social equity is everything. The culture of your business can be seen in your Facebook updates, your Blog posts, your Instagram images, your Tweets – it makes a huge difference if you stop posting pictures of your stock with prices and actually start listening to your customers and talk to us like we’re human. Show us the world you live in, the places you visit, the music you listen to, the life you lead and we’ll connect and feel so close that we wouldn’t dare shop any where else – yes, even when you charge a little bit more.

I came across a large (Scottish) retailer recently, their brand has both High Street and eCommerce website with largely the same stock. My better half was looking for shoes / trainers to walk to work in. The website price was £25 more expensive than the retail shop; on further enquiry she was informed: “Oh yeah, it might be the same stock but it’s owned by a different company”. So of course we’re not tempted to look at their “social work” because we don’t know if they’re interested in customers for the website or shops!

Talk about disjointed!

Of course now we don’t trust the company or their brand. Damn it, I want to #ShopLocal and support a Scottish company but hell, I refuse to do it if they don’t care about their own brand enough to have a cohesive story. Further research tells me they are not alone and I’m hearing the same disjointed story.

Retailers – this is your last option and if you have to, please coordinate a cohesive communication plan with your partner company.

The ultimate choice is to buy stock for your online store.