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The Top 5 Changing Face of Retail for 2015

Posted on 28 Jan 2015 in eCommerce | 0 comments

Apple 2015

Today we hear the results for Apple… It might be a historic result but is it tainted?

But what of the changing face of retail for 2015?

1. eCommerce: Amazon and Zappos are being caught up in the fight for online shopping supremacy; the big retailers are learning the only way to achieve brilliant customer service is to deliver the product with their own logistics company.

2. Health, Wellness, Sustainability, Reuse. 2015 is the year that really kicks up a notch: researching for products and services that look after ourselves and the planet. The Forbes report is saying the increase in “Active Wear”, organic products, attending and seeking out classes (Yoga+), naturally created and tested beauty products, the fashion trend for personalisation, embellishing. I won’t hold my breath for a McQueen tracksuit or trainers… I suspect a surge in traffic for sites like: Love Your Clothes

3. High Street retailers installing instore wifi and beacons to both help and push offers unique to those taking the time to visit. I’m definitely a fan of the wifi – being pushed SMS / Text messages from the store you’re in – I find it abusive, disruptive, invading my space – but as a retailer… it works; be interesting to see how this roll’s out further.

4. High Street stores offering food and drink – more than ever before. I wouldn’t be surprised to see coffee shops appear in stores from Urban Outfitters to HMV to PC World and DFS.

5. Data mining customers. Have you liked the Facebook page of your favourite store(s)? Retailers will be looking at the demographic detail of local customers to make a store visit very much more personal. From the stock choices (and sizes) to the instore music and the big one: inviting you to exclusive customer occasions, gifting and guilting you, the customer into buying more.

You may have noticed I haven’t mentioned mobile – that was so last year!

Credits (Forbes retail trends)
Forbes Top 10 fashion trends 2015 – not what they’re known for, use a pinch of salt.