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It’s Personal Because It’s Business

Posted on 06 Jan 2015 in eCommerce, Techie | 0 comments

You’ll have noticed the Coca-Cola names.

You’ll have noticed online adverts following you from website to website, this one talks mobile however it happens anywhere on Facebook, Twitter… pretty much anywhere that hosts advertising.

Retargeting on Mobile

Maybe you’re doing business development using LinkedIn, following up having identified individuals… that couldn’t get more personal.

However what has interested me is the development in technology for online Retailers – eTailers, eCommerce… and a recent discussion on emerging trends in logistics. We heard about the problems suffered by those using YODEL for delivery in the UK. Their track record is not good (BBC on Yodel) hopefully improvements for them and their customers are in the air.

The following snippet is taken from Venture Capitalist Predictions for 2015:

A New Era in Retail and Commerce Innovation: “The traditional retail infrastructure and supply chain logistics as we know it is being disrupted by companies creating new technology platforms and data-enabled distribution systems that have predictive analytics, better customer profiling, deeper consumer engagement, blended online and offline data, and more agile supply chains. The supply-chain has been fragmented and inefficient for years, particularity with the delivery of bulky goods to the consumer, which until now have been expensive and complex. E-commerce platforms are being transformed for the consumer and the manufacturer by leveraging powerful analytics and forecasting tools helping to alleviate “last mile” (i.e. from warehouse to consumer) problem that is the key logistics issue.

If you have an eCommerce site, who is managing your logistics? Is it the best it can possibly be? I’m guessing it’s far from adequate unless it’s wholly managed inhouse with a fully integrated CRM system that merges the whole process. Who do you use and would you recommend them?

Article Credit: Techcrunch link to the full article.

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