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Posted on 02 Jun 2014 in Music | 0 comments

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What is it about working late into the night…

You can’t afford to fall asleep at your desk, the job has to get finished, you need to squeeze out those extra little inspirational cue’s that are on the tip of your tongue – the caffeine is wearing off – you decide to take off the head-phones, switch to the speakers, reach over to find a new soundtrack – sod it, just switch on the Soundcloud Stream and let it do its thing – too many choices

After a slow build you are transported to that next level – is it euphoric tiredness kicking in?

Somehow in our studio it’s these types of tunes that make us reach that next level; creativity is a strange thing, we all have it deep within us but to find it in Techno for a project that couldn’t be further away from this banging base line. I know I’m not weird, there’s a few us that embrace it – do you feel it?

What do you reach for?

(Click on the pic to hear Charles Fenckler Podcast for DELIGHTED published by SOMA)