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What Blog do I Read?

Posted on 13 Mar 2014 in Blog, Marketing, Trends | 0 comments

There can be no doubt that there are some brilliant bloggers out there – we as a business write on behalf of many – so clearly I think they’re a good thing. I have interests in marketing, fashion and training but of course that doesn’t mean I’m restricted in my choice of content.

In my Training sessions I often ask which magazine are you most likely to pick up when you’re sat in the Doctor’s waiting room – what’s your choice? Let me guess – National Geographic would be your first choice – your second choice (if no one was looking or knew who you were…) yup, Celebrity Trash Talk: Take a Break, Chat, Heat… Don’t lie – you know it’s true.

So what blog content do I actually read – well there will be few surprises but here’s my current list:

Jad ABUMRADRadioLab WNYC a radio station that has the most brilliant Podcast with hosts: Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad. The show is about curiosity. Where sound is used to explore, explain and deliver ideas; the show bounces between science, philosophy, and human experience.






hugh macleodGapingvoid by Hugh Macleod (my old school mate) an author, cartoonist, copywriter that has endorsements from Seth Godin and Tony Hsieh to name a couple. An inspired individual that consistently provides brilliant insights on life, love and business. You can sign up to his blog to receive a daily cartoon – believe me it’s worth it.





Sasha WilkinsLiberty London Girl is Sasha Wilkins who is a a reporter-writer-blogger-journalist-broadcaster-editor-stylist-brand consultant person – her posts range from food, glam locations and her dog – the majority however talk fashion. Sasha has been listed in London’s Most Influential People 2012 & 2013; The Evening Standard’s Power 1000 List; Blogger of the Year 2011; Women of the Year Awards; The Times’ 50 people you should follow on Twitter 2013… you get the idea.




Mark GormanGibberish a personal account of life and loves by a bloke I greatly admire: Mark Gorman look him up. A very talented if ancient Ad-Guy that Blogs for businesses too (amongst countless other jobs – Head of Creative Edinburgh is just one). I say ancient he’s not really; it’s just that I attended his retirement party and that seemed like a lifetime ago…





ann russellFrock Trade by Ann Russell who has styled editorial and commercial campaigns and fashion shows. Her recent work includes television adverts for Visit Scotland and the Scottish Football Association, writing posts for VOGUE UK and many others. Ann also provides personal styling consultations. A genuinely lovely person that has a great knack of picking up work with some amazing individuals and companies.




phil adamsBlonde Digital Agency Blog by quite a few in their team. I have deep admiration for one of their chief’s Phil Adams for the journey he’s been on; providing amazingly astute points of view and insights that I’ve yet to find comparisons for. The life of a Digital Planer takes a certain type of individual and having met one or two there are few that can match this guy.




vogue writerVOGUE UK Blog – although to be honest it bugs the hell out of me for its irregularity, lack of subscription feature (massive oversight on their part), written by anonymous and the broken links – the content however has merit.



There are of course many more…