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Taylor Momsen, Gossip Girl turned Goth slapper

Posted on 23 Oct 2010 in STD | 0 comments


What is it with Hollyweird child stars going off the rails before they’re adults (by that I mean legally allowed to drink) – our delightful if preppy girl Taylor Momsen has fallen into that rebel trap. She has the beauty to be the face of great products and be adorned with some exquisite brands that her aspiring fans will lap up with glee… (sorry) and yet her faux punk band which is lets face it anything but punk – puts her centre stage flashing her pants and dropping her top to flash her tits… wow how original. (see Fashionista)

Her band The Pretty Reckless is perfect for the teenage angst that likes over produced soft rock which tipifies that awkward loner that lives for Facebook and Instant Messaging from behind a screen instead of grasping life with both hands and snogging its face off.

What really gets me is her potential to be the voice of a generation (all be it middle America) – a missed opportunity that she could of had a lot of fun with instead of this rot:


Hell maybe she’s having fun but we all know it’s not going to end well. Or maybe being the face of Madonna’s Material Girl will work… let’s see shall we.