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The Kingdom of Harvey Nichols

Posted on 09 Jan 2019 in Beauty | 0 comments

For any new brand entering the luxury market one of the first desires is to be featured on the shelves of Harvey Nichols – this is no easy thing to achieve. 14 months ago I entered the Edinburgh store with Imogen from Kingdom Scotland discussing this very subject and today received this press release from […]

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The Social Tailor Project (extract)

Posted on 27 Oct 2016 in Sustainable | 0 comments

I have this idea that will exist one day. The idea is simple, in Scotland we will produce brand new, beautiful cloth (textiles) from waste cloth – not “preloved”, not regurgitated, washed and dyed bits of old cloth, brand new, wearable and desirable. The execution of it however is not so simple. 1. Reduce natural […]

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Hand Crafted by Stewart Christie, Tailors and Gentleman’s Outfitter

Posted on 15 Oct 2015 in Fashion, Retail, Tailoring | 2 comments

If you are a sartorial gentleman and wish to find a tailor and mens outfitter to join you in your journey through life, you would do well to make friends with this fine establishment; and ladies, you needn’t think you will be left out, next year holds an opportunity not to be missed. The Tailoring […]

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Your Shirt, Made in Scotland

Posted on 10 Sep 2015 in Retail | 1 comment

I have been quietly supporting this little known shirt maker for over 20 years and I suspect I will continue for many years to come. Hilditch & Key shirts are made in Fife, their shops can be found in: Paris (252 Rue De Rivoli) and London (73 Jermyn Street) and as a business have existed […]

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Orange Haired Betty, It’s Sheri Scott!

Posted on 09 Sep 2015 in Beauty, Blog | 0 comments

If you’ve ever been to a fashion event in Scotland, you either hear the cackle or see the hair… that’ll be one half of Betty and Bee! I put some questions to the orange haired one: “Tell me about you, who you are, what you do and what you love most about life?” I am […]

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