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Getting Ahead When It Comes to Beach Fashion in 2019

Posted on 29 Jan 2019 in Fashion, Trends | 0 comments

Fashion is not restricted to formal, informal, nightwear and daywear. No, there is also a certain style to be found when it comes to what you wear to the beach. And there are also a lot of opinions as to what will actually be in style and worth wearing in 2019 – some which will be more right than others!

So, with that in mind, here are a few of the most interesting looks to hit the beach fashion scene in 2019. In particular, the ones you’ll want to emulate on your holiday!

It’s All in One Piece

Gone is the ideology of the ‘skimpier the better’ and now 2019 is all about the classic one piece. A style which is beautiful as it is timeless, the one piece is a swimsuit which provides a beautiful canvas for all sorts of patterns; both exotic and traditional. They were apparent on every runway during the run up to 2019 and the style doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Of course, just because it’s a one piece doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. Deep v-necks, corset-style fastenings and even ruffles were all on show when it came to jazzing up this iconic look.

Retro Styling

Old can be new when it comes to your beach look this year. Baywatch lovers will be delighted to know that bright, bold, styles from the 80s and 90s are making a sudden comeback on the swimwear scene this year. Meaning you can do your best Pamela Anderson impression to your heart’s content.

It’s a trend which will really resonate with those who grew up in this era, but were perhaps too young to actually try out all of these styles in full force. Get ready to unleash the stylings of your childhood once again.

High Waisted

It’s an offshoot of the retro styling outlined above, but important enough to warrant its own mention. The high-waisted bottoms will be one of the most sought after styles in 2019. Particularly as they are flattering on any figure, provide an extra level of comfort and are a complementary option for many of the

If you didn’t quite get the beach bod you were aiming for (though it’s January as of the writing of this article – so you still have plenty of time!), then this can always be a great way to have a little natural tummy control. All without giving up being able to wear a highly fashionable piece at the same time!


Rule of the Ruffles

Whether in the nightclub or in the swimming pool, it’s almost a certainty that you will be sporting a ruffled look at some point in 2019. So, why not make that your go-to swimming pool style for the year? The style can be used to accentuate the waist, livening up the sleeves and even helping to highlight plunging v-necklines.

It will certainly be used excessively in more and more wondrous, even flirty, ways. So, don’t be afraid to ruffle up your 2019 beach look. You may be surprised by how good it looks!


Long Sleeves

Forget about tan lines in 2019 or catching a tan on your arms at all. According to everyone in the know, sleeves will be a must-have style for the summer of ‘19. No, really. You might scoff at the idea now, but in a few months it’s more than likely you will be seeing ladies walking the soft dunes of your holiday destination with arms fully covered. And why not?

Long sleeves are flattering for any arm type and short sleeves have a relatively sporty look about them, but will actually be really on vogue for luxury swimwear this year. Which is actually where this trend originates from, as many fans of water sports can find longer sleeves much more conducive to better swimming and the like.

On the whole, there will be a lot of choice when it comes to your swim stylings in 2019, so don’t be afraid to go a little bit crazy when deciding on what style suits your tastes this year. There are some other, more typical, trends also making a comeback this year. The tried and tested animal print, for example. But, why go with something comfortable when you could be the daring one on the beach this summer? Go on, give it a try!

About the Author:

Zack Halliwell is a freelance writer in the fashion and lifestyle niche, giving advice on anything from the perfect holiday to fashion marketing. When not writing he can be found on long mountain walks with his dog, Batman!