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How Streetwear Impacted Gymwear And Vice Versa

Posted on 03 Oct 2018 in Celebrity, clothing, Fashion | 0 comments

As discussed by major designers in the fashion business, ranging from Riccardo Tisci to Kim Jones, through the bright newborn star Virgil Abloh, streetwear is a matter that is heavily contaminating every single aspect of the fashion industry, even those brands that were focusing on gym wear and activewear. With that in mind, let’s break down some examples on the matter.

Nike: A Designer-Based Revolution

Nike is a brand that needs no introductions whatsoever. Whilst their activewear pieces are heavily advertised by major athletes and sports personalities, their sneakers have discovered a new avenue that is known today as “designer streetwear”. Bringing on big examples such as “The Ten”, designed in collaboration with Virgil Abloh, Nike decided to step into the world of streetwear combining their most famous sneakers with the extravagant touch that made OFF-White famous.

Adidas: The YE Powerhouse

It’s not hard to state the fact that everything Kanye West touches instantly becomes viral. Yeezys are the perfect example of this: with millions (yes, MILLIONS) of copies sold, Kanye created a brand within another one. 20% of Adidas’ income is currently (not joking) based on Yeezys purchases. With the entire “drops” business model and given the fact that there are a lot of reselling avenues when it comes to Yeezys, (especially the 700 series, in the wave racer colourway) we can easily say that Kanye has a bright future ahead.

What About Proper Gym Wear?

Brands like BAPE and CDG recently announced the launch of a big gym wear line that will be based on their trademark designs (the shark hoodie for Bape and the infamous heart for CDG). This is really exciting and actually confirms the fact that streetwear will definitely contaminate proper gym wear in the nearest future. On top of these brands, there are many UK-based ones that are creating such pieces, which is something to keep in mind, given the fact that athleisure wear is becoming more and more popular these days.


To Conclude

Titans like Reebok, Nike and Adidas have many plans ahead of them, with collaborations, new designs and products coming shortly. Regardless of that, it’s really important to keep them monitored because they will definitely shape this market in the nearest future. Activewear is something that everyone always considered as a niche part of the fashion business but is now definitely moving towards a more mainstream one. With all that being said, we’ll see what will happen in the nearest future.

Written and submitted  by Vicky Layton.

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Hi! My name is Vicky, I’m a fashion designer, running enthusiast and occasional model. Fashion is and will always be my passion and I also love sports. I am currently working at a fashion start-up, more to be revealed soon!

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