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Pete from INDEZ

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At Social Tailor we are fortunate to work with, meet and get to know some fascinating people working for or running complimentary businesses to our own. Dr. Peter Mowforth is the “go to” man for media quotes, insights and statistics in the world of selling online. Indez work in a very competitive environment and I’ll bet you will be hard pushed to find someone with Pete’s background and credibility in his industry:

Tell me about you, who you are, what you do and what you love most about life?
I am Dr Pete Mowforth, CEO of INDEZ, a Glasgow-based Ecommerce supply company. Before that I was one of the founders of the Turing Institute in Glasgow where we helped lay the foundations of the Java programming language, developed the first digital 3D camera, organised the First Robot Olympics and built the space shuttle autolander.

alan turing and turing institute glasgow

Alan Turing and the Turing Institute, Glasgow

What is it you love most about your business today?
Doing something useful and being able to provide a fulfilling and motivating environment for talented people to work in.

If you ran a £billion business how would you like to change the world you live in?
Plant trees.

Pick a theme song for your life:

Boys are not known for buying beauty products; do you have a recommendation?
I grew up on a small holding with 2000 chickens. My father told me that exposure to lots of chicken poo would ensure you always had a full head of hair. It clearly didn’t work.

Interview by Colin Gilchrist, Social Tailor for the series Boys, Beauty and Billionaires