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Meet Pea Cooper: Milliner

Posted on 07 Sep 2015 in Beauty, Blog | 0 comments

Milliner Paula Cooper at her home Studio in Paisley Credit: James Williamson

Milliner Paula Cooper at her home Studio in Paisley
Credit: James Williamson

Pea Cooper, interviewed by Colin Gilchrist for our autumn series of interviews for
“Boys, Beauty and Billionaires”.

Tell me about you, who you are, what you do and what you love most about life?
My name is Pea Cooper. I am an award winning milliner and purveyor of traditional craft (Pea Cooper Millinery). I absolutely love life and what is has to offer. Even though it can sometimes be pure rubbish I believe life is beautiful and full of wonderful things and wonderful people. My favourite thing in the world is laughing, followed by dancing to soul music and making hats! I also love travelling and meeting new people and lying in the sun like a wee cat! Oh, and vintage clothes…nearly forgot that….vintage clothes are my thing!

Okay, so tell me what is it you love about your business today?
I love that my business is now heading in all different directions. When I first started out I was purely just making hats, now I am teaching, writing and a business mentor. I also have another business project in the pipeline that I’m very excited about but unable to mention at the moment, sorry! (How exciting, we’ll be on the edge of our seats waiting for the announcement!)

If you ran a £billion business from Scotland how would like to change the world you live in?
If I ran a Billion pound business I would probably give all my money away to good causes that could change the world for the better. I am not remotely driven by money at all (wish I was a wee bit cos I’m always skint)! I believe happiness comes from the things in life that are free though having a wardrobe full of vintage Courreges (the French fashion designer, known for his futuristic designs) clothes would make me very happy haha..only joking! (No, she’s not!)

Pick a theme song for your life:

Boys are not known for buying beauty products; do you have a recommendation for them?
My beauty tip for boys is look after your teeth! Nice teeth are everything!

Thank you for your time Pea; I love a bit of Northern Soul myself; clearly I need to work on my teeth though đŸ˜‰