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The Sexual Objects Release Only One Copy Of New LP

Posted on 15 Jan 2015 in Blog, Music | 1 comment

In the world of marketing there are very few things that surprise me or make me sit up and listen.
Have you heard of The Sexual Objects? (Fans call them the SOB’s).


I read an article today written by Music Journalist Neil Cooper for The Quietus where he introduces us to the band: “…Henderson is perched on the corner of the stage of Edinburgh’s Voodoo Rooms club alongside SOBs drummer and long-term collaborator Iain Holford. A few hours later both men will be onstage alongside their fellow Objects, guitarists Simon Smeeton and Graham Wann,and bass player and head honcho of Creeping Bent, Douglas MacIntyre, opening up for Vic Godard & Subway Sect…

I have to be honest here – I was there, I was at this gig.

Neil Cooper goes on to say: “… The Sexual Objects – a rock band formed by Davy Henderson of the Fire Engines, Nectarine No. 9 and Win – are releasing their second album this week. Here’s the thing though – they’re only pressing up one copy and selling it on eBay to the highest bidder.”

Now I’ve heard of this before but wait, here’s the thing, with the SOB’s Marshmallow Album you get the Rights to publish it, press more copies, do what you want – hell, be a selfish git and not share it with anyone!

The Sexual Objects, Marshmallow Album

The Sexual Objects, Marshmallow Album

To me this is turning music back into a work of art, something to be cherished, embraced, lauded over in deep and meaningful discussions… unlike that tragic event by U2 who turned their music into SPAM by forcing it down the throats of iPhone buyers – U2 turned music into worthless trash with that one move.

All hail Davy, Iain, Simon, Graham and Douglas of The Sexual Objects, I wish them every success. It was released today on eBay 15:15:15:15:01:15. As this goes live there are 27 bids and it’s standing at £620: MARSHMALLOW, THE SEXUAL OBJECTS on eBAY