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Social Tailor is the only broadcasting organisation which creates authentic memorable stories for SME Companies in the UK to sell their stuff quicker and better in an era of growing noise and confusion.

The culture of a business determines the success, direction, employee morale, product implementation, marketing and so much more.

We like to get under the skin of our clients to better understand how you operate, why you exist (aside from making money), who you do it for and what it means to your customers, then we feel more qualified to do what we do.

Our culture, is built on:
listening then talking,
walking then sitting,
drawing then clicking,
singing not shouting,
meeting then phoning,
photography and film,
writing and editing,
studying behavioural economics,
embracing an adventurist spirit,
and meeting people like you.

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Marketing for Social Tailor takes many forms.

Once upon a time we might have said, marketing is all about creating experiences that drive traffic and raise awareness, breaking through that torrent of information, making the customer smile, take notice and question – when we’ve got them engaged is the time to ask if they’d like to buy – at the right time, in the right place at a price they expect.

From 2016 our work is more about implementing campaigns that influence the customer into thinking differently, impacting the way they interact with your product. Yes, we want to increase sales and build brand awareness. We also recognise that huge brands such as Apple (3.3 million) and Red Bull (5.2 million) subscribers on Youtube are no competition for people like Zoella (10.6 million) or PewDiePie (44.8 million) who make the majority of their content in their bedroom at home… tough competition.

The return of the amateur has come from web 2.0 (social media) that we were all lead to believe would change the world for brands… (our brands are finding bigger success on Facebook using Advertising, not organic competitions). We now look at the culture of your business, the culture in which your service is used and create a plan that delivers impact in that environment.

How we work: Best Approach

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Question, Innovate, Create, Disrupt


Founded in 2010 by a visionary connector Social Tailor is a marketing agency that specialises in creating social media content. Working with clients as partners; providing well researched and polished content: written, film and photography.

With a bank of copy writers, film makers and photographers we’re well placed to support your business development, brand awareness and increase your market share.

Be prepared to take a different approach in order to stand out.

Feedback for training sessions:
Social Tailor – great presentation style, laid back & informative. Liked anecdotal examples to illustrate principles. Made sense on blogging (you control) and fact that if you want to tweet and Facebook you have to be prepared to invest regular time which many do not realise – its like getting a pet – needs ongoing attention!

I thought Colin Gilchrist spoke with authority and in a very focused and practical way. I will use his suggestion to survey customers and ask them for information that will then become the content for future blog posts. I felt at-one with his view that the blog (the space you control) is the centre of the business. But I was also impressed that in the Q&A he gave advice to the e-book entrepreneur to write for the big site that wanted her rather than to be a big fish in her own small site – and to simply reference the articles in her own site.

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You want to save the world and love what you wear, we want to help you achieve that.

The Social Tailor Project is in research (feasibility study) phase:

The design and manufacture of a women’s wear collection using recycled textiles entirely managed and produced here in the UK.

If you would like to know more, share or have something to add please feel free to get in touch with Gilchrist. (

Social tailor project v1 from Colin Gilchrist

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