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Social Tailor is all about Smart Creative Marketing.

We drive growth by delivering engaging content in a deliberate and strategic way.
Our strength is digital marketing: search engine marketing, social media advertising and inbound marketing.

Some of our work:

web banner case study - spencerclothing in vogue

web banner case study - Tweetabits

Dadi Award - network for business

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Social Tailor is a media production business creating ways to raise awareness and drive sales:
Search Engine Marketing
Website design, development and programme management
(content = written, graphic, photography, film, competition, gifts, polls… and conversation)

We live in a digital world, it’s where Social Tailor exists.

We listen and learn from your customer before we try and sell anything; researching you, your customer, your services and products is at the heart of what we do.

Marketing is breaking through that torrent of information, making them smile, take notice and question – when you’ve got them engaged is the time to ask if they’d like to buy – at the right time, in the right place at a price they expect.

Stop by and say hello to find out how we do it. HELLO or speak to some past and current Clients.

What you're doing, is it working?


Managing your reputation, managing an incident or managing a crisis on social media platforms brings with it a new set of challenges that many businesses are ill-equipped to manage.

At Social Tailor we are the instigators and managers of many “Command-Rooms” to better guide, coach and resolve situations that could irreparably damage a company, its value, its customers and employees. Although we specialise in fashion retail and third sector (charity / NGO) we continue to support all shapes and sizes.

There are great systems and techniques that you can adopt before an incident strikes to better manage the situation.

We offer a free audit to provide an insight into how best prepare for an incident.

The steps we take include:

As the originators of the “Dark or Resilience” web page (now an industry standard) we often direct traffic to better funnel and manage rumour, supposition or miscommunication. The example below is a snap-shot of a page where we announced the CEO would answer questions live online between 12:00 and 2:00pm to better communicate and directly answers concerns.


A brand creation that greatly upset a huge number of passionate supporters.

Join our Group on LinkedIn to learn from people and organisations that create or manage incidents: Reputation and Crisis Management on Social Media

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The way we work:
We employ contracted freelancers and indirectly employ team members based in client premises / locations.

We are always on the look out for:
Film Production
Google Analytics
Project Managers
Community Managers
Media Managers

If you are good enough we’ll find something for you, no really – if you’re properly brilliant, a hustler, working as if your very life depends on it and not for the mighty £buck (although we know that’s important) for the love of it. This is a sharing experience. To work with us it’s all about you and the team, the personalities need to gel. You will be competitive, not with your neighbour, with yourself.

Locations we work in:

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