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I need more sales and more website traffic! I want my brand to perform better!

Social Tailor is all about Smart Creative Marketing; driving traffic and company growth using digital brand consultancy, brand building through project management and delivering creative content partnerships; driving growth in a deliberate and strategic way.

Working from Edinburgh, often in Glasgow, sometimes found in London and always online; we don’t however walk around looking at screens all day. To be creative we find listening and talking to people, drawing on whiteboards and being outdoors equally important.

Social Tailor is all about people, understanding your customers and you.

Social Tailor is run by Colin Gilchrist, with 15 years digital and social media marketing experience, driving projects as a marketing consultant for organisations in biosciences, charity and fashion retail. Creative Director for women’s wear brand Spencer Clothing, working with brands that have included Burberry, Paul Smith, Valentino and spending time in Las Vegas with his knowledge of fashion, marketing and eCommerce is extensive.

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Are you coming in out of the cold?


Marketing for Social Tailor is all about driving traffic and raising awareness, breaking through that torrent of information, making the customer smile, take notice and question – when we’ve got them engaged is the time to ask if they’d like to buy – at the right time, in the right place at a price they expect.

Social Tailor listen and learn from your customer, understanding you, your services and products before we deliver a plan for growth.

We provide you time. Do you have enough?

One of our solutions is providing people employed by us based in your company, on a part-time or full-time basis. They are accountable to both you and Social Tailor, their tasks are laid out, hour-by-hour, day-by-day. Our placements either have experience in your field or have an incredible track record in identified tasks.

Stop by and say HELLO to find out how our contracts work.

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The way we work:
We employ contracted freelancers and indirectly employ team members based in client premises / locations.

We are always on the look out for:
Film Production
Google Analytics
Project Managers
Community Managers
Media Managers

If you are good enough we’ll find something for you, no really – if you’re properly brilliant, a hustler, working as if your very life depends on it and not for the mighty £buck (although we know that’s important) for the love of it. This is a sharing experience. To work with us it’s all about you and the team, the personalities need to gel. You will be competitive, not with your neighbour, with yourself.

Locations we work in:

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